A touching and altogether unforgettable look into the daily drudgery of working at Bonobos. What?


The Jeanie's out of the Bottle: Bonobos Earth Day Denim

In celebration of Earth Day this year, we took recycling and made it that much awesomer . . . denim made from beer bottles? Yes, we did. Not only do we have the technology, we also happen to have quite a few leftover beer bottles. Take a look at our new Bottle Rockets and see for yourself. Not easy being green? Nonsense. In fact, it can even be stylish.

Click here and grab a pair before they run out.


Visited Nordstrom lately?


Because if you did - at select locations - there's a more-than-decent chance you strolled past a pair of Bonobos. Yep, you heard right: starting this April, Bonobos will be available for sale at a number of Nordstrom stores across the country. If you're as excited as we are about this partnership, then execute one humongous fist pump and take a deep breath. If you want to know more, click here to get the full scoop. And if a Nordstrom near you is carrying Bonobos, swing by and check them out.


Good Egg Hunting: Bonobos Easter Recap


We love the smell of chocolate bunnies in the morning. Smells like . . . Easter.

For those of you who were able to tear yourselves away from the little chicken marshmallows long enough to participate in the 2nd Annual Bonobos Easter Egg Hunt, a tremendous thank you for making this an Easter/Passover weekend to remember. We hope you enjoyed the hunt as much as we did, and that those who found an "egg" were able to put it to good use for some cool new spring threads. 

For those of you who missed out, this year's hunt involved hiding over 100 usable "egg" discount codes around our website for customers to find. Prizes ranged from the basic $10 OFF JELLYBEAN code, to our grand prize $1,000 GOLDEN EGG. 

And the results?

Well, Bonobos.com received 5 times its normal amount of Sunday traffic, all of the eggs were eventually found, and our fans Alex D. and Scott B. walked away with GOLDEN EGG grand prizes and a brand new seersucker suit and Bonobos tuxedo, accordingly - just in time for wedding season. 

So thanks again for participating, enjoy the Easter goodies, and stay tuned - we're always up to some fun shenanigan or another, and great new spring and summer products are coming down the pipe.


The Masters Kicks Off and Rumors Abound

The Masters - the first and most stylish golf event of the PGA season - is beginning, and in doing so, stirring up some intriguing rumors. No, not whisperings of this year being the most exciting ever, or even banter of Tiger's return to dominance. But rather, rumors of Bonobos golf shorts soon to be released. So while you keep a keen eye on the tournament, maintain an even keener one on our new product page. Oh, and work on your Short Game (hint, hint). 


Fool for Love? Bonobos turns matchmaker.

In case you missed our - ahem - April 1st mailer, check out PashionSense, the fashionable way to date. Just click here to find your perfect style match: pashionsense.com



A Little Milk and Sugar: A Brief History of the Seersucker Suit

Given the recent hubbub surrounding our new Charleston seersucker suit (which is understandable if you've seen one or tried one on, it's incredible), it might not be a bad idea to delve a tad deeper into the history of the legendary summer fabric. Because while most of us harbor some notion of it being cotton, lightweight, and popular in warmer Southern climes, how well do we truly know this enigmatic textile? As we prepare to don our seersuckeriest suits and toss back icy cold juleps, it might be a good idea to back up the style with a little history and background knowledge. So here's the skinny:

The word seersucker actually comes from the Persian "shir o shakkar," literally "milk and sugar," a reference to its unique puckered texture. The benefit of said unique puckered texture is that the fabric is held away from the skin, making it considerably cooler than other lightweight fabrics, and perfect for hot muggy weather. This, along with the fact that it never requires ironing, rendered it popular from the get-go in the American South, where it became standard gentleman's attire. Over the course of its history, it has also been a popular fabric with students, military officials, and diplomats stationed at some of the world's hotter embassies.

And if you'd like to experience seersucker for yourself, you can open a small but distinguished law practice in one of the Carolinas, or you could simply try the new Bonobos Charleston. Milk and sugar, indeed!




The Bonobos Denim Headband/Bow Tie: It's Happening

Recently sighted on Derek, in the Bonobos HQ Dojo - testing a new Bonobos prototype, perhaps? 

Phase 1: Bow Tie


Phase 2: Headband


Gearing up for Golf: Tips to Prepare for the Season Ahead

Winter can be a lonesome season for the golfer; frozen ponds make sorry putting greens, and icicles lousy . . . wait a second . . . FORE!

Well, incoming golf balls can only mean one thing - it's spring time, and golf season is once again rearing its be-visored head. So what ought one do to prepare for the many mulligans, matches, and Mai Tai's ahead? We asked Kevin, our own Senior Merchandising Manager here at Bonobos that very question. And he, being the golf/Mai Tai fanatic that he is, had the following suggestions:

1. Get your golf shoes ready - there's a good six months ahead of good golf weather, so make sure you've got the footwear to go the distance. Clean and polish the leather uppers, get those soles respiked. And if they require any sort of pump mechanism, you're best off replacing them entirely.

2. Begin to hoard small bills - no, not for late-night romps at the golf-themed gentleman's club "Putt Putt's," but rather for a gentleman's wager. Nassaus, Skins Games, you're gonna need those 1's, 5's, and Sacagawea's, trust me. 

3. Start planning golf trips, and scheduling tee times with your buddies. Coordinated golf trips take preparation, and many of the most desirable courses get booked up months in advance. March and April are the best times to start scheduling  road trips to Pebble Beach in June and July.

4. Get some Bonobos golf pants, and keep an eye out for the Bonobos golf shorts coming in May. They aren't only comfortable and stylish, they'll make your putt look good. And isn't that what golf is all about?

Now, who's ready to hit up Putt Putt's? 


In the Trenches: The Greatest Trench Coat Wearers of All Time

Bogie in his prime

Talk about a classic, the trench coat has been cool since Bogie met Bacall. The go-to piece of outerwear for dashing spies, secret agents, and men of general mystery alike, it's incredibly functional and always in style. Iconic? That's one way to describe it. Awesome might be another.

In honor of our own Bonobos Shamus trench coat, we took a quick office poll to determine the best trench coat wearers of all time. Here are the results:

1. Humphrey Bogart, of course. With a suave demeanor and a husky voice, he wooed just about every leading lady in Hollywood at one time or another, an accomplishment in which we have to think his trench coats played no small part. Click here to see what we mean.

2. Inspector Gadget goes without saying. With mysterious mechanical body parts that extended and protracted with nothing more than a go-go command, he may have bumbled a bit, but in the end, he always got the best of Dr. Claw. Click here for go-go Gadget peek.

3. Dick Tracy not only wore a trench, but did so in bright yellow. And he had a cool little radio watch he used to get updates. Man, a portable device for communication . . . someone should tell Apple about the idea. Click here for a thorough frisking.

4. Al Capone may not have been the nicest guy in the world, or the most law abiding, but he did know how to sport a long coat with some classic gangster style. If only Geraldo Rivera could tell us what was in his vault. Click here to see.

5. Inspector Clouseau completes the list - what would a good crime caper be without a barely competent Gallic detective on the case? Well, it certainly wouldn't be half as funny, or contain nearly as much Seller - and goodness knows, we all could use some more Seller. Click here for ze link.

Still not convinced a trench is the way to go? We'll take one last stab at it. Meet Shamus.


Music in the Air: Spring Festivals and How to Properly Rock Them

Yes, Mr. Bon Jovi, we WILL lay our hands on you.

With the arrival of SXSW, spring concert season is officially kicked off - it's time to start thinking about the rhythmic rendez-vous's ahead. Specifically, what to wear . . . and what not to. And while we can all agree that last year's "Beard of Bees" in the French Quarter was most defininitely the latter, there's still room for discussion as to what constitutes proper concert attire. And here's a few ideas for what to wear in the musical months ahead:


Coachella - April 13-15, 20-22

Can you smell the excitement? The fresh air? The food tents? Well, what about the neon all-you-can-drink bracelets, can you smell those? Because this year hundreds of thousands of music lovers will jump the caravans to Indio, California to camp out at the Woodstock of the desert. With a fantastic lineup, delicious bites, and let’s face it, a plausible excuse to not practice personal hygene, it’s impossible not to enjoy what some call the happiest-musical-place-on-earth. It’s almost time for Coachella, the unofficial start of rock-festival season boasting everything from rock and indie to hip hop and house.

So put on your hippest slim fit jeans and join the beat-hungry crowds, but not without the proper survival gear. Beat the daytime heat with some sunblock, a water bottle, and a lightweight Splendid tee; when night falls, slip into a light cardigan to keep out that arid chill. Of course, with hundreds of performances in a vast desert expanse, it's tough to catch all of your favorite artists. What if David Guetta and Martin Solveig perform at the same time? Fear not, because this year Coachella will feature the same lineup two weekends in a row so avid fans don’t have to miss a beat. Or a reasonably-priced glass of organic Horchata. Speaking of which, hey, where's Larry with the all-you-can-drink bracelets, we need more horchata!


Bonnaroo - June 7-10 

Share with a stranger, laugh hysterically with friends, walk within scorching distance of the fire art. Bonnaroo is more than just a music show. It’s a vibe, a way, a spiritual experience of sorts. Catch Umphrey’s Mcgee in the morning, Childish Gambino in the afternoon, and the legendary Silent Disco that goes into the wee hours of warm Bonnaroovian nights. 4 days of camping, non-stop music, and extraordinary experiences will leave you craving more.  

Just head to Great Stage Park in Manchester, Tennessee to catch the festival. And if you're not sure what to wear, attendees often sport a bohemian hippie style with occasional rock influences to battle the heat in style. Throw on a printed tee over a pair of washed chino shorts and a woven belt for the bohemian rock hippie in you. And if that's not enough, there's always Birkenstock . . . Larry Birkenstock, our new intern, who also is late with our drink bracelets. Dangit, Larry, they're running out of horchata!


New Orleans Jazz Festival - April 27-May 6

In 1970, amidst the crowds in Congo Square, Mahalia Jackson and Duke Ellington combined melodic forces, giving birth to “Jazz Fest”, a spontaneous meeting of jazz, heritage, and Louisiana culture. Located within the rich musical setting of New Orleans, this festival now spans a full 10 days during which thousands of musicians, cooks, craftsmen, and assorted rummies gather to give fans a once-in-a-lifetime mixture of music and delicious Cajun food. As you design your spring-festival schedule, keep in mind that this is one of the only places you can blissfully watch Bon Jovi while eating Crawfish Monica at the same time. Living on a prayer, indeed!

Yes it’s hot. Yes it’s crowded. But it’s also a world-class music experience you won’t get anywhere else. In this more southern and humid fashion scene, cotton is a must. Try a light cotton suit in the daytime to stay cool, in each and every sense of the word. And at night, slip elegantly into some black velvet (the fabric and the whiskey) and head out to Bourbon in style. Savor that sazerac with someone sexy and skat a little jazz of your own.

Beebop! Skiddly-bop!

Now, about that horchata . . . 


Dance to the music,



A Splendid Idea: The All-Purpose Weekend Tee

Splendid Mills shirts may be stylistically full-proof . . . but not tickle-proof.

If you've been manning the cyber-decks lately and keeping tabs on the latest Bonobos offerings, you may have noticed the recent addition of some, well, "Splendid" tees. That's right, we're featuring Splendid Mills, awesome, all-purpose knits and tees made right here in the U.S. of A. Perfect weekend companions, these cotton wonders are the casual equivalent of the navy blazer - you can do almost anything with them. How, you may ask? Well, how about an example:

Friday: Fake food poisoning, and maybe a well-timed seizure to sneak out of the office into our ultra-soft, ultra-comfortable Splendid Mills basic tee. Casual enough for the flight and bar-hopping friendly when paired with any of our Washed Chinos, these knitted-wonders are a godsend. And you've got a plane to catch and friends to meet . . . 

Saturday: Roll out of bed in the post-meridian hours after a looooong night and sport a fresh Splendid Mills white hoodie with some Game Day Chinos to the ball game. If you make it to evening, simply don a light jacket and a pair of dark denim jeans to rock out in style . . . or at least hide the unsightly sunburn and mustard stains.  

Sunday: Ditch the hoodie for a Splendid sweatshirt tee and the keg beer for bottomless G&T’s and a shot or two of Visine over brunch. Pay the bill, hail a cab, and if you make it to the gate on time, pray for a smooth flight and an easy Monday morning at the office

Easy enough, right? 


Winter's Gone, but not for Cotton: A Bonobos guide to spring sweaters

In case you missed our latest Bonobos Guide Series email, here's the crib sheet to get caught up. This week's seminar? The cotton sweater. And, if the picture is to be believed, human levitation.


This Madness You Speak Of: A guide to surviving the March tournament

The opinions expressed in this piece are those of Basketball's inventor, Dr. James Naismith, and not those of Bonobos.

The author, circa 1891

Hear hear, now, what is this speak of March Madness and Lin-sanity? My basket game was invented as a cure-all for mind, body, and spirit alike, and I fail to see how such a salubrious diversion could engender the lunatic frenzy I see bubbling around me. Wait, what's that you say? Kentucky and Syracuse are in the running? Well, that's another @#$! story! And as such, perhaps it would be best to proffer a few congenial tips for heightening the feelings of wellness and equilibrium that I believe my basket game can provide during the troubling ides of March. So, in preparation for this vernal stupefaction brought on by school boy basketball . . . 

1. Be sure that your root cellar or refrigeratorium is well-stocked with icy refreshments for your guests during the games. I might suggest a chilled sarsaprilla or Philly phosphate. I might also suggest avoiding the untemperant malted beers prefered by Dutchmen and the Hun . . . unless you're planning on watching the tournament with the Kaiser!

2. We all know that the curse of the wager is prevalent at such sporting occasions, even among gentlemen of high standing and rigid morals. I've even heard tales told of office pools in which places of business become momentarily and dizzily reduced to nothing more than casino parlors. Posh! If you do engage in such a thing, be careful not to wager beyond your means. Nobody wants to end up milling porridge in debtors prison!

3. My old chum Teddy Roosevelt once taught me a picante little delicacy he learned of during the Spanish-American War known as "7 Layer Bean Dip." He described this peculiar recipe to me once over a game of puff billiards, and I shall recite the ingredients as I remember so that you might prepare it for your basket game guests:

  • medium ripe avocados, peeled, cored, mashed
  • tablespoons lemon juice
  • ½ teaspoon salt
  • ¼ teaspoon pepper
  • ½ cup mayonnaise
  • cup sour cream
  • ½-1 package taco seasoning mix
  • cans bean dip
  • medium tomatoes, chopped
  • bunch green onion, chopped
  • 1 (3 ounce) can black olives (sliced or chopped)
  • 1 (8 ounce) package shredded cheddar cheese
  • 4. Lastly, to enjoy this "March Madness" while maintaining a modicum of sanity, I suggest sensible clothing. I've been told that the haberdasher known as Bonobos is offering pantaloons constructed just for the occasion, perfect for "tearing-away" in the event that your team wins, or in the event that you are sprayed by an ill-tempered polecat. Said "Tear-Away" Chinos may be purchased by clicking here. And this is what they look like, with brackets in the pockets for keeping track of your teams, or possibly even for demonstrating the new scientific principle of electrical circuits:

    So, in closing, I hope my advice for the Madness of March has been helpful, and may you have an otherwise dashing spring, replete with clean air free of all malodorous vapors, fresh beet juice accompanied by curative tonics, and my healthful basket game for your diversion.

    Yours in cordialment,

    Dr. James Naismith



    Spring Leaning: Bonobos gets lean and mean for the season

    With the waxing daylight hours, the hints of allergenic pollen in the air, and those damnable swallows returning yet again to Capistrano, it simply can't be denied: warm weather is on the way. And with it, the need to get back into shape after long winter months of hiding behind voluminous wool sweaters and gnoshing on imported German Kinder-Eggs.

    So how does one prune one's caporal self back into presentable beach-ready, pool-prepared condition? Tossing out those Kinder-Eggs and hitting the gym with a personal trainer is an effective option, subscribing to glossy muscle magazines and martial arts periodicals is decidedly less so ("Flex" and "Black Belt" are perennial favorites, but that's neither here nor there). But perhaps the sagest advice is to invest in some slimmer, more flattering attire, and thus inject a little impetus into your healthy routine. And as it just so happens, in addition to a really rad chin-up bar and pamphlets by Charles Atlas, Bonobos also has some flattering Slim Fit Washed Chinos and Impresario dress shirts to slim up your profile and serve all your lean needs. Click on the links and take a look - and if you need a few fitness tips, click here to see what our own personal trainers have to say on the matter.


    Nothing But Net: Bonobos and Deron Williams suit up 

    If you happened to be strolling by New York's Meat Packing District February 2nd, are in the market for amazing suits, or are simply an aficionado of Dr. Naismith's dribble-based hoop game, then this might be of some interest: in the first of a series of collaborations, Bonobos teamed up with NBA All-Star Deron Williams at Catch Roof to launch the new Bonobos Foundation Suit Collection. Guests at the rooftop lounge mingled with Deron himself, the ladies of Rent the Runway, and were able to see firsthand what the new Italian wool Foundation Suit looks like (it looks pretty awesome, we've been told).

    Stay tuned for upcoming events and collaborations with Deron Williams . . . rumors are circulating of a cyber pop-up shop curated by a certain stylish power point guard for the Nets coming in March, with a portion of all proceeds going to Mr. William's Point of Hope foundation. 

    And if we can squeeze in a good old fashioned game of H.O.R.S.E., all the better. 

    Deron Williams & Bonobos CEO Andy Dunn model the latest in gentleman's attire.