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Card-Again! A sweater favorite makes its triumphant return

If you've been hanging around the BONOBOS website - or the Land of Make Believe - you already know that wearing a cardigan sweater is a really simple way to achieve an incredibly sharp look. But far from being a conservative keepsake for neighborly PBS stars, the cardigan is actually quite the style item, and versatile at that. Pair it with a graphic tee or a light flannel for a touch of the hip; throw it over a really slick sport shirt for something a little more classy. And, of course, you can always put it on top of an Oxford and a classic blue tie for that buttoned-up Fred McFeely look if you so choose (and yes, McFeely is Mr. Roger's middle name - who knew?).

As for BONOBOS, we've got a few cardigans of our own, and thanks to the wonders of the (re)supply chain, our much beloved Calling Card sweaters are back in stock. In addition to those old favorites, we're also singing a whole new tune (a sea shanty, naturally) with our maritime-inspired shawl collar cardigan the Ahab. And best of all, we're talking cotton here, so not only are they washable, they're also light enough to take you from winter well into spring. 

So if you're in the market for a winning sweater that will be in the wardrobe rotation until May, take a gander. And if you think you can't party hard in a cardigan, well, Fred McFeely begs to differ