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Music in the Air: Spring Festivals and How to Properly Rock Them

Yes, Mr. Bon Jovi, we WILL lay our hands on you.

With the arrival of SXSW, spring concert season is officially kicked off - it's time to start thinking about the rhythmic rendez-vous's ahead. Specifically, what to wear . . . and what not to. And while we can all agree that last year's "Beard of Bees" in the French Quarter was most defininitely the latter, there's still room for discussion as to what constitutes proper concert attire. And here's a few ideas for what to wear in the musical months ahead:


Coachella - April 13-15, 20-22

Can you smell the excitement? The fresh air? The food tents? Well, what about the neon all-you-can-drink bracelets, can you smell those? Because this year hundreds of thousands of music lovers will jump the caravans to Indio, California to camp out at the Woodstock of the desert. With a fantastic lineup, delicious bites, and let’s face it, a plausible excuse to not practice personal hygene, it’s impossible not to enjoy what some call the happiest-musical-place-on-earth. It’s almost time for Coachella, the unofficial start of rock-festival season boasting everything from rock and indie to hip hop and house.

So put on your hippest slim fit jeans and join the beat-hungry crowds, but not without the proper survival gear. Beat the daytime heat with some sunblock, a water bottle, and a lightweight Splendid tee; when night falls, slip into a light cardigan to keep out that arid chill. Of course, with hundreds of performances in a vast desert expanse, it's tough to catch all of your favorite artists. What if David Guetta and Martin Solveig perform at the same time? Fear not, because this year Coachella will feature the same lineup two weekends in a row so avid fans don’t have to miss a beat. Or a reasonably-priced glass of organic Horchata. Speaking of which, hey, where's Larry with the all-you-can-drink bracelets, we need more horchata!


Bonnaroo - June 7-10 

Share with a stranger, laugh hysterically with friends, walk within scorching distance of the fire art. Bonnaroo is more than just a music show. It’s a vibe, a way, a spiritual experience of sorts. Catch Umphrey’s Mcgee in the morning, Childish Gambino in the afternoon, and the legendary Silent Disco that goes into the wee hours of warm Bonnaroovian nights. 4 days of camping, non-stop music, and extraordinary experiences will leave you craving more.  

Just head to Great Stage Park in Manchester, Tennessee to catch the festival. And if you're not sure what to wear, attendees often sport a bohemian hippie style with occasional rock influences to battle the heat in style. Throw on a printed tee over a pair of washed chino shorts and a woven belt for the bohemian rock hippie in you. And if that's not enough, there's always Birkenstock . . . Larry Birkenstock, our new intern, who also is late with our drink bracelets. Dangit, Larry, they're running out of horchata!


New Orleans Jazz Festival - April 27-May 6

In 1970, amidst the crowds in Congo Square, Mahalia Jackson and Duke Ellington combined melodic forces, giving birth to “Jazz Fest”, a spontaneous meeting of jazz, heritage, and Louisiana culture. Located within the rich musical setting of New Orleans, this festival now spans a full 10 days during which thousands of musicians, cooks, craftsmen, and assorted rummies gather to give fans a once-in-a-lifetime mixture of music and delicious Cajun food. As you design your spring-festival schedule, keep in mind that this is one of the only places you can blissfully watch Bon Jovi while eating Crawfish Monica at the same time. Living on a prayer, indeed!

Yes it’s hot. Yes it’s crowded. But it’s also a world-class music experience you won’t get anywhere else. In this more southern and humid fashion scene, cotton is a must. Try a light cotton suit in the daytime to stay cool, in each and every sense of the word. And at night, slip elegantly into some black velvet (the fabric and the whiskey) and head out to Bourbon in style. Savor that sazerac with someone sexy and skat a little jazz of your own.

Beebop! Skiddly-bop!

Now, about that horchata . . . 


Dance to the music,