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In the Trenches: The Greatest Trench Coat Wearers of All Time

Bogie in his prime

Talk about a classic, the trench coat has been cool since Bogie met Bacall. The go-to piece of outerwear for dashing spies, secret agents, and men of general mystery alike, it's incredibly functional and always in style. Iconic? That's one way to describe it. Awesome might be another.

In honor of our own Bonobos Shamus trench coat, we took a quick office poll to determine the best trench coat wearers of all time. Here are the results:

1. Humphrey Bogart, of course. With a suave demeanor and a husky voice, he wooed just about every leading lady in Hollywood at one time or another, an accomplishment in which we have to think his trench coats played no small part. Click here to see what we mean.

2. Inspector Gadget goes without saying. With mysterious mechanical body parts that extended and protracted with nothing more than a go-go command, he may have bumbled a bit, but in the end, he always got the best of Dr. Claw. Click here for go-go Gadget peek.

3. Dick Tracy not only wore a trench, but did so in bright yellow. And he had a cool little radio watch he used to get updates. Man, a portable device for communication . . . someone should tell Apple about the idea. Click here for a thorough frisking.

4. Al Capone may not have been the nicest guy in the world, or the most law abiding, but he did know how to sport a long coat with some classic gangster style. If only Geraldo Rivera could tell us what was in his vault. Click here to see.

5. Inspector Clouseau completes the list - what would a good crime caper be without a barely competent Gallic detective on the case? Well, it certainly wouldn't be half as funny, or contain nearly as much Seller - and goodness knows, we all could use some more Seller. Click here for ze link.

Still not convinced a trench is the way to go? We'll take one last stab at it. Meet Shamus.