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A Splendid Idea: The All-Purpose Weekend Tee

Splendid Mills shirts may be stylistically full-proof . . . but not tickle-proof.

If you've been manning the cyber-decks lately and keeping tabs on the latest Bonobos offerings, you may have noticed the recent addition of some, well, "Splendid" tees. That's right, we're featuring Splendid Mills, awesome, all-purpose knits and tees made right here in the U.S. of A. Perfect weekend companions, these cotton wonders are the casual equivalent of the navy blazer - you can do almost anything with them. How, you may ask? Well, how about an example:

Friday: Fake food poisoning, and maybe a well-timed seizure to sneak out of the office into our ultra-soft, ultra-comfortable Splendid Mills basic tee. Casual enough for the flight and bar-hopping friendly when paired with any of our Washed Chinos, these knitted-wonders are a godsend. And you've got a plane to catch and friends to meet . . . 

Saturday: Roll out of bed in the post-meridian hours after a looooong night and sport a fresh Splendid Mills white hoodie with some Game Day Chinos to the ball game. If you make it to evening, simply don a light jacket and a pair of dark denim jeans to rock out in style . . . or at least hide the unsightly sunburn and mustard stains.  

Sunday: Ditch the hoodie for a Splendid sweatshirt tee and the keg beer for bottomless G&T’s and a shot or two of Visine over brunch. Pay the bill, hail a cab, and if you make it to the gate on time, pray for a smooth flight and an easy Monday morning at the office

Easy enough, right?