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Gearing up for Golf: Tips to Prepare for the Season Ahead

Winter can be a lonesome season for the golfer; frozen ponds make sorry putting greens, and icicles lousy . . . wait a second . . . FORE!

Well, incoming golf balls can only mean one thing - it's spring time, and golf season is once again rearing its be-visored head. So what ought one do to prepare for the many mulligans, matches, and Mai Tai's ahead? We asked Kevin, our own Senior Merchandising Manager here at Bonobos that very question. And he, being the golf/Mai Tai fanatic that he is, had the following suggestions:

1. Get your golf shoes ready - there's a good six months ahead of good golf weather, so make sure you've got the footwear to go the distance. Clean and polish the leather uppers, get those soles respiked. And if they require any sort of pump mechanism, you're best off replacing them entirely.

2. Begin to hoard small bills - no, not for late-night romps at the golf-themed gentleman's club "Putt Putt's," but rather for a gentleman's wager. Nassaus, Skins Games, you're gonna need those 1's, 5's, and Sacagawea's, trust me. 

3. Start planning golf trips, and scheduling tee times with your buddies. Coordinated golf trips take preparation, and many of the most desirable courses get booked up months in advance. March and April are the best times to start scheduling  road trips to Pebble Beach in June and July.

4. Get some Bonobos golf pants, and keep an eye out for the Bonobos golf shorts coming in May. They aren't only comfortable and stylish, they'll make your putt look good. And isn't that what golf is all about?

Now, who's ready to hit up Putt Putt's?